the Access Workshop

Interoception Training

The Access Workshop


There has always been a small percent of practitioners who have extraordinary perception abilities. They’re able to detect very subtle changes in a patient’s / client’s physiology that most other practitioners don’t perceive. This subtle sense enables them to significantly increase the specificity and effectiveness of their care.


It’s commonly believed that extraordinarily perceptive practitioners have an extra-sensitive nervous system or they work harder at developing their perception skills. This, in turn, allows them to pay better attention to the ‘5-sense’ feedback their nervous system produces when they assess/palpate a patient.


Recent advances in neuroscience offer a fundamentally different explanation. Contemporary research suggest that ‘gifted’ practitioners might not pay better attention to conventional ‘5-sense’ feedback. Instead, they pay attention to a different form of feedback that their nervous system (also) produces during palpation. This permits them to perceive different kinds of physiological changes than those that 5-sense feedback conveys.


Get Access to more of the information your nervous system is detecting

- about your patients / clients -


The Access approach evolved from neuroscience research into subtle processes that extraordinarily perceptive practitioners  innately rely on. Contemporary procedures and training tools now make this once elite and elusive skill-set accessible to the average practitioner.





Kevin Hay, D.C


Thank you for an amazing weekend of awakening to all that Innate has to offer!  You would think that as chiropractors we would rely more on the "wee small voice".   Thanks for training me how to access certainty in my evaluations and adjustments!  I can now state that I know for sure where the subluxation is and when it is corrected within a matter of seconds.


The information you presented created a bridge between Innate and science that has been sorely lacking in our profession. I would highly recommend every D.C. learn this valuable skill set!  It is something you just have to experience to appreciate, it is much like trying to explain Disney World to someone... you just have to go there to know how amazing it is!